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  • Ten Little Birthday Greetings

    from £5.00

    Rob Keeley's Ten Little Birthday Greetings for Robin were composed as a present for Robin Holloway's 70th birthday. Scoring: Two clarinets in B♭ Standard: Advanced

  • Ring - Rob Keeley

    from £5.50

    I always felt that the clarinet quartet, while a very beautiful and expressive medium, could also sound well with piano, my own instrument. This is the result: a sort of mini-concerto. Scoring: clarinet quartet (Bb/Eb, Bb/Eb, Bb, bass/Bb) and piano Standard: very advanced

  • Oregon Moods - Rob Keeley

    from £5.50

    These four pieces were written in 1999 as my response to the beautiful green forests and pristine coastline of the state of Oregon. Scoring: clarinet, alto saxophone and piano Standard: very advanced