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  • Trois Pièces

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    Very little is known about Georges Guilhaud other than he was born in 1851, and composed for the oboe. He was a friend of Georges Gillet, Professor of Oboe at the Paris Conservatoire from 1882 until 1920. His Premier Concertino, dedicated to Gillet was selected as the pièce de concours on three occasions.

    The three pieces were not written at the same time, Polonaise was written in June 1885 and is a longer composition than the other two, Madrigal and Andante Religieux which were written in June 1887. To my knowledge these pieces have not been published and all performance marks are those of the composer.

  • Ten Little Birthday Greetings

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    Rob Keeley's Ten Little Birthday Greetings for Robin were composed as a present for Robin Holloway's 70th birthday. Scoring: Two clarinets in B♭ Standard: Advanced

  • Ring - Rob Keeley

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    I always felt that the clarinet quartet, while a very beautiful and expressive medium, could also sound well with piano, my own instrument. This is the result: a sort of mini-concerto. Scoring: clarinet quartet (Bb/Eb, Bb/Eb, Bb, bass/Bb) and piano Standard: very advanced

  • Oregon Moods - Rob Keeley

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    These four pieces were written in 1999 as my response to the beautiful green forests and pristine coastline of the state of Oregon. Scoring: clarinet, alto saxophone and piano Standard: very advanced

  • Holiday Postcards - Rachel Stott

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    These five duets for soprano and alto saxophone were composed in the autumn of 2002, each piece inspired by a picture postcard I had received in the summer of that year. Scoring: soprano and alto saxophone Standard: very advanced Length: 10-11 minutes

  • Flight Mode - Rachel Stott

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    ‘Flight Mode’ was composed in the spring of 2012. The idea for the piece came from a chance remark made by a colleague during a recording session, with reference to a mobile phone; my addled brain interpreted the words in a musical sense, and thus a new mode, ‘flight mode’, was born. Scoring: solo saxophone Standard: very advanced Length: 4 minutes

  • TRIp - Chris Jolly


    TRIp was originally written in 2011 for Reed Play; a trio of alto saxophone, bass clarinet and piano. The piece was re-worked in 2012 for the World Saxophone Congress in St Andrews with the bass clarinet part altered for baritone saxophone and a new middle section added. Scoring: alto saxophone, bass clarinet and piano Standard: advanced (grades 7-8) Length: 8 minutes