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After many months of planning, design and working with our composers, we are ecstatic that you can now purchase physical copies of many of the Clarinet and Saxophone Classics Publications, in addition to our downloads. Both exciting and innovative, this is not to be missed!


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We are delighted to introduce our series of collections. Designed specially for our customers who might enjoy some guidance and ideas in their selection of CD’s from our extensive catalogue. We are also selling the collections at extremely attractive prices which will prove irresistible. Whether as a present for others or for yourself, each one is an essential collection!

Featured Podcast and Upcoming Release:

CC0069 Harris-Mozart Soiree



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The Inner Time

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All-Things-Clarinet, our blog dedicated to its namesake! Full of information, advice and wisdom. Not to be missed!

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Saxophone Classics and Clarinet Classics our Facebook pages dedicated to the the individual clarinet or saxophone side of Clarinet and Saxophone Classics. A must for news, offers and events


Clarinet Classics , our youtube channel containing interviews, performances and lots more